• Episode # 3

    German model Josh Barfuss (@joschicopter) has conquered the Philippine fashion scene but can he win the LOKAL challenge and prove his love for the Philippines? Will he rise above the challenges to prove that he has truly mastered the art of being a Lokal? If you like Josh as much as he likes Filipino food and culture, help him win by voting for him on Empire.ph

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    Lokal: Pinoy at Heart with Josh, Vlad and Paolo

    Lokal is a new and exciting online reality-challenge show that features 3 amazing looking guys– Bench Model Josh Barfuss, Model-Actor Vlad Grand, and Azkals Hearthrob Paolo Pavone. Go on a journey with these three as they embark on a journey to prove that they are “Pinoy at Heart”. Go with them as they learn all […]